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Page Updated Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is an industry educational and certification program created to meet the rapidly changing needs of the supply chain management field.

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From the manufacturing to the service industry, regardless of whether a company is serving business or consumer markets or is for profit or not-for-profit, the increasingly important role of supply chain management is affecting all organizations. Customers already expect good quality at low prices, and speed of delivery is becoming more important. As a result, effective supply chain management has become essential to successfully compete in today’s global marketplace.

The CSCP program takes a broad view of the field, extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the steps throughout the supply chain—from the supplier, through the company, to the end consumer—and provides you with the knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company’s value chain.

Who should pursue the CSCP education and designation?
The CSCP program is for professionals in operations and supply chain management. This designation is ideal for you if you are

  • Interested in more depth of knowledge and understanding in the areas of supplier and customer relations, international trade, the use of information technology to enable the supply chain, and physical logistics.
  • A professional who is consulting or teaching supply chain functions
  • Working with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The CSCP program will help you advance your career while giving you the foundation to improve your company’s competitive position and profitability.

CSCP Domains
The CSCP body of knowledge is made up of the following four domains

  • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • Building Competitive Operations, Planning, and Logistics
  • Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships
  • Using Information Technology to Enable Supply Chain Management

Becoming a CSCP candidate
The CSCP examination is available to individuals who have relevant work experience and education and would like to advance their careers in this growing field by getting a broader understanding and increasing their knowledge on all the areas that make up the supply chain. To be eligible to for the CSCP exam, a candidate must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, plus two years of related business experience
  • CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, or C.P.M. designation plus two years of related business experience
  • Five years of related business experience.


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