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As of Monday, November 12, 2018

Classes are offered in Weekly or Daily formats throughout the year. (see current schedule below) Classes provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas with peers.

Course Descriptions

If you don't see the class you want scheduled then place your request on the APICS-Chicago Waiting List.

Show only or show all courses.

**NOTE: APICS Members who are not Chicago Chapter members must contact the Chapter Administrator prior to registration in order to get discounted fee.

Due to timing and the additional administrative handling required to process company and personal checks, the APICS-Chicago chapter extends the Early Bird discount only to credit card transactions. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause some of you and appreciate your understanding for the need to adopt this improved timely and automated process.

Unless indicated otherwise on the course's "Description" page, Early Bird Fees expire two calendar weeks (14 days) before start of class.

If your membership number is not in our database and you have already applied for membership or need to do so now and need membership pricing, please contact the chapter administrator.

Cancellation Policy

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