Fundamentals Review Classes
As of Monday, November 12, 2018

Principles establishes a solid base of knowledge upon which to build for 1) people who are new to materials management, 2) people working in materials operations, 3) people interacting with materials and operations, and 4) people aspiring to APICS certification. Participants gain practical, essential skills that help them become more effective and productive in their jobs.

For those who want to understand more of the details, including concepts, techniques, and terminology. This format of this series of five modules allows the time and has the hands-on examples, exercises and case studies to reinforce the best practices of materials and operations management.

Can be conducted in a classroom-based format with examinations to determine the level of understanding achieved. Can be conducted with a focus on an organization's specific operations and challenges resulting in solutions and improved processes.

 Chicago-APICS Waiting List., is available to place your request if you don't see the class you want scheduled.

Current modules are:

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