Global Sourcing Workshop - Registration & Class Schedule
As of Monday, November 12, 2018
APICS-Chicago is now offering the Global Sourcing Workshop Series

Bring global sourcing world-class practices and thinking to your organization!

The Global Sourcing Workshop Series is a series of four related comprehensive workshops designed to build the skill sets that will enable you to navigate the complex landscape of international business. 

The new APICS Global Workshop Series is specially tailored for participants to understand the key issues and complexities of sourcing activities in the international environment.  The series highlights various opportunities that companies can make use of to leverage international capital to enhance their competitive strength.

The Global Sourcing Workshop Series Will Equip You With The Skills To:

   ·    Understand the strategic importance of globalization

   ·    Learn how to prepare for international procurement

   ·    Evaluate potential markets in other countries

   ·    Source global suppliers strategically

   ·    Choose logistics partners correctly

   ·    Address cultural differences

Workshops within the Series

   ·    Introduction/Fundamentals

   ·    Global Suppliers

   ·    Cultural Relationships

   ·    Logistics Requirements

   If your attendance and participation qualify, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from APICS

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See below for class prices.
(prices reflect temporary $100 'Recession Relief' discount)

Pricing* Early Bird CC Fee Regular Fee
Chapter Member**   $535.00   $585.00
Non-Member   $735.00   $785.00  

* Pricing includes the workbook, and lunches.

ISM Chicago Members - To register for the Workshop Series and receive member pricing, please contact the Chapter Administrator by email by clicking on the email address or register by phone by calling the Chapter Administrator, Kim Petit at 630 338-7158.

**NOTE: To receive the membership discount members of  CSCMP Chicago, and the APICS-Chicagoland Chapters of Fox River, Highlands, and Rock Valley must contact the Director of Public of Education at before registering for this course.

To email, click on email address -, or should you prefer to speak with someone instead of emailing, please call the Director of Public of Education, at 800-982-7427.

Due to timing and the additional administrative handling required to process company and personal checks, the APICS-Chicago chapter extends the Early Bird discount only to credit card transactions. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause some of you and appreciate your understanding for the need to adopt this improved timely and automated process.

Early Bird Fees expire two calendar weeks (14 days) before start of class.

Note to APICS-Chicago Members - If your membership number is not in our database and you have already applied for membership or need to do so now and need membership pricing, please contact the VP of Education.

Companies and organizations need skilled operations management and supply chain management professionals to keep their businesses favorably positioned in today’s intensely competitive global marketplace. The Global Sourcing Workshop Series provides a comprehensive study of the critical tasks and challenges associated with sourcing and procurement internationally.

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