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As of Friday, October 19, 2018
- CPIM Test Preparation

The APICS-Chicago Chapter offers CPIM Test Preparation Sessions in a four- hour course. We offer these test preparation sessions for those people who have attended classes and have not taken the exam, or have taken but not passed the exam. Of course, we are unable to provide the actual questions and answers for any module . that is not the purpose of these sessions. Our focus will be on the body of knowledge for a module, and how you could better prepare for that given exam.

You will need to have gone through the Participant Guide for that module and have done the CD Practice Test Questions. You will also need to have the Brian Wilcox Study Guide for the module and the Exam Content Manual. The APICS Dictionary is also a must for all the exams.

The agenda for the session is as follows:

1. Reviewing the Exam Content Manual in detail.
-     Scope of the Subject Matter
-     The Diagnostic Topic Breakdown
-     The Curriculum Outline
-     Key Terminology
-     Primary References
2. Reviewing the key topics in the Participant Guide
3. Relating the key points in the Wilcox Study Guide to the Exam Content Manual
4. Reviewing the CD Test Practice Questions
5. Key 'things' to be 'prepared for' and to 'look out for'

Take advantage of this opportunity. Just go to Other Education Courses and register for the session you need.


For All the Modules  
1. APICS Dictionary (10TH ed.)  Stock # 01102
2. Exam Content Manual  Stock # 09015
For Each Individual Module:  
Basics of Supply Change Management  
1. Participant Guide & CD Practice Test  Stock # 09122
2. Study Notes - Basics of Supply Chain Management  Stock # 09245
 Master Planning of Resources  
1. Participant Guide & CD Practice Test  Stock # 09124
2. Study Notes - Master Planning of Resources  Stock # 09246
 Detailed Scheduling and Planning  
1. Participant Guide & CD Practice Test  Stock # 09126
2. Study Notes for Detailed Scheduling and Planning  Stock # 09247
Execution and Control of Operations  
1. Participant Guide & CD Practice Test  Stock # 09128
2. Study Notes -.Execution and Control of Operations  Stock # 09248
Strategic Management of Resources  
1. Participant Guide & CD Practice Test  Stock # 09130
2. Study Notes - Strategic Management of Resources  Stock # 09249

The materials can be ordered from the APICS Bookstore at: 1-800-444-2742
or at their website: www.apics.org

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