Student Case Competition

APICS-Chicago and APICS Fox River Case Competition

Student Chapter Case Competition

 Business Case Competition -




Tuesday, February 13th, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
IIT-Hermann Hall
3241 S. Federal St, Chicago 60610
Room - Alumni Lounge

IIT - Main Campus Map

Parking will be in
Lot B5 (CLICK HERE for parking map)
off of Federal St, behind Hermann Hall

A Printable Dashboard Parking permit will be emailed to registered attendees
the evening before the event
Additional Parking Permits will be available at the registration desk



$10 Members & Non Members Pizza & Refreshments included



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Student Chapter Business Case Competition

This Business Case Competition, using The Fresh Connection, will have the area's University Student Chapter teams working on The Fresh Connection simulation. This is the same Case Competition/Simulation that the Loyola Team mastered when they took 1st at last February's Great Lakes District Competition, going on to WIN the 2017 APICS International Competition at October's Conference . As in past, Teams will be focused on issues that most APICS members, and businesses in general are confronted by - planning, cross-functional coordination of activities, vendor selection, lead-times, production management, customer service, and, in particular, how all of these concerns, large and small, come together in terms of financial results as measured by ROI over the mid-and-long term. In short, these teams will work toward improving functional execution to drive overall improvement. The advantage that the simulation provides is that it will compress time so that the participating teams, and us - the attendees, will be able to see the efforts and the effects. What are the keys to effectively driving a high performance supply chain? Join us at APICS HQ for this Business Case Competition to see the answers and the actions that lead to them. This Case Competition is being sponsored in joint by APICS-Chicago and APICS Fox River.

Why did we decide to use The Fresh Connection simulation as the center-piece of a Case Competition? One reason is that it is a great simulation that provides strong experience. While we are unable to give every student real-time work experience in their chosen profession, through simulation we can provide insight into the interactions and challenges that they will face going forward.

To provide our Student Chapters with experience, the APICS-Chicago & the APICS Fox River Chapters hold their own Case Competition.

Here's how it will work - Six schools are invited: GSU; IIT; Loyola; NEIU; NIU; and SIU. Each school is to field a 5 person team. Starting at the end of January each school will be given access to two rounds of The Fresh Connection simulation to use as practice. In early February each team will receive another two rounds of The Fresh Connection simulation to complete in approximately one week (each round represents 6 months of business activity).The ROIs from these two rounds of The Fresh Connection simulation will count toward their competition scores.  On February 13th, each school will come to the evening PDM at IIT-Hermann Hall and representatives of each school will have one-hour to complete a third round and final round of The Fresh Connection simulation, and to make a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation covering their assumptions and actions. The scores for each school from all three rounds of The Fresh Connection will be tallied. The judges will score the presentations. The scores for The Fresh Connection simulation will be added to the scores for the presentations and the awards will be announced.

Join us on February 13 to learn what supply chain simulations can provide, and/or to cheer on your favorite team.

The awards will be: $320 for first place; $240 for second place; and $120 for third place.

Proposed Program Schedule

   6:00 6:45 PM Registration and Networking

   6:30 7:15 PM - Pizza and Chapter Business, Introduce Judges

   7:00 7:20 PM --- Details of The Fresh Connection business case.  

   7:20 7:50 PM - Presentations

  7:50 8:15 PM - Case Summary

  8:15 8:30 PM - Awards

 Click Here to go to The Fresh Connection's commercial website and view additional information on The Fresh Connection simulation.

 Join us for this informative and unique event, look into Operations Management for the next decade with us, and help our Student Chapters - Sign-up on-line now!

APICS-Chicago and APICS Fox River wish to express their sincere thanks to IIT for making Hermann Hall available for this event