April Plant Tour

Testa Produce, Inc. Facility Tour



Thursday, April 12, Doors open at 2:00PM
Tour will start shortly after 2:00PM



Testa Produce, Inc.
4555 S Racine Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60609 



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Safety & HACCP/Sanitation Consideration -
  • Flat, Closed-Toe Shoes, Rubber-Soled ONLY
  • Pants & long-sleeved shirts required. You are strongly advised to wear a sweater or jacket - we will be in and out of refrigeration and freezers -- temps will vary 0 to 60.
  • No shorts, dresses, or short-sleeved shirts
  • Note: NO jewelry, including rings & watches, will be allowed on the tour.
  • NO food or beverage including gum and candy
  • Testa Produce, Inc. - Tour

    The Testa Produce story goes back over 100 years ago to 1912 when Dominick Testa started selling stalks of celery door-to-door out of a basket. However, as Supply Chain professionals, our interest in Testa Produce picks-up the story in 1991 when Testa Produce, Inc., the successor entity to the original Dominick Testa and Sons is formed with third generation family member, Peter Testa, at its helm. In a certain respect this is one man's story - Peter Testa, looking to do good. Not just for himself and his family, but for the business, the produce industry, and for the community in which the business operates. Peter Testa talks about his actions as being so rooted in common sense that he could hardly have done otherwise. Nonetheless, in comparison to the actions of others, Mr. Testa's brand of common sense does not appear that often. Specifically, this part of the Testa Produce story has Peter Testa investing in and driving improvements in operations and facility that form a model of food safety controls for the produce distribution industry, and an example of sustainable facility design that has formed the starting point and the standard for every enterprise that has a sincere interest in doing well in business while benefitting their community.

    As interesting and stouthearted as this story may be, why should we as Supply Chain Professionals take time to look at this facility? For three reasons:
    1. Yes, Testa Produce, Inc. as it exists today had a significant turning point that is strongly linked to Peter Testa, yet the story of this business goes beyond any one person. Testa Produce is a fully functional produce distribution business that sources world-wide, giving consideration to shifting market forces, and nuanced customer-centric demands to successfully maintain profitable regional distribution - Testa Produce is a detailed and many-faceted supply chain story.
    2. This is a great operational story. Testa Produce has taken their business from one of several area produce distributors to a position of leadership largely through operational improvements and the implementation of rigorous and stringent food safety controls.
    3. Testa Produce's is a strong vibrant business model that is worth studying. Many of the investment decisions that have been taken such as, creating a LEED Platinum Certified facility; converting their delivery fleet to CNG, implementing stringent food safety controls, have not only been "good deeds", they have added to the marketability and improved the profitability of the organization.
    For more information please go to www.testaproduce.com/.

    This tour will be a great opportunity to see the positive effects of integrating sustainable practices, operational improvements, and strong functional controls to form a well-run profitable business.

    This tour is scheduled to provide the opportunity to see the facility in operation. As this will be a functioning operation in the middle of a workday,
    the number of professional attendees that can be accommodated will be limited - Do not be left out!
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