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Please note: These instructions were last updated Friday, March 01, 2013.

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Thank you for using the Chicago APICS Chapter On-line Job Posting Service. This service reduces the time it takes to get your job opening in front of hundreds of candidates a month. The Job Postings page is the most popular page on the Chicago APICS Chapter web site. This is a fee based service. A $95.00 fee per month is accessed for all postings greater than 30 days.

The first 30 posting days are free. Once a job posting is submitted and invoiced (requiring more than 30 days), that invoice stands and must be paid "Net 30" regardless if the job is filled early.

For example:

  1. You submit a job posting for a 90 day period. You are invoiced $190.00 immediately with "Net 30". Two weeks later your job is filled (from the APICS web site psitng or not), The $190.00 invoice stands and must be paid "Net 30".
  2. You submit a job posting for 30 days. No invoice is generated. Three weeks into the job posting, you decided to entend the posting to 60 days (total), at that time you will receive a invoice for $95, "Net 10".


On the next screen (after you have read the instructions) please fill out as much information as possible. You will be required to enter at least one of the following; a phone number, a fax number, an e-mail address or a mailing address. If you enter bogus information for any one of these fields, your request will be denied.

  • A mailing address is required.
  • At least one of the following methods of contact shall also be provided
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • EMail
  • You must enter a job title
  • Each job posting will be assigned a unique control number for tracking
  • Once approved, this request is automatically posted to the web site
  • Jobs can be posted for 30 to 120 days and are then removed from the list regardless if the job is filled
  • You have the ability to cancel or extend the Job Posting (up to 120 days total)

Preparing Text for Posting

Note: For best results on Job Description, Typical Job Duties and Skills/Knowledge information, we recommend you first create this information in a Word document, then cut and paste each part into the appropriate text box. DO NOT use bullets in your document, the page will not be accepted. For best results, use one large paragraph for each area of information. We encourage you to use the phrase "APICS certification a plus" when outlining your job requirements.

If you know a little about HTML, you can include HTML tags, like <b> and </b> for bold text. So in your document, you are typing along and would like to bold face a word, here is how you do it.

Your text reads "This job will require travel about 50% of the time." (the quotes are not use in your actual text)

If you want to bold the text "travel about 50% of the time.", you would enter as text,

"This job requires <b>travel about 50% of the time.</b>" (again, don't insert the quotes).

When you review your job posting and when a candidate see's it on the web site, this phrase will be in bold as the next example.

"This job requires travel about 50% of the time." (again, don't insert the quotes).

Try it!

When you click Preview, you will be taken to a Review and Approval page. Here you will see exactly what a job candidate will see when the job is finally posted to the web site. If you are happy with what you see, click on the button, "Submit job Opening". You can also "Cancel the Request" if you want to. If you want to make corrections to what you've already entered before you click "Submit job Opening", click on the link Go back and make corrections, then click Send

Please Understand: Once you finally submit your job postings, no corrections are allowed except to extend or reduce job posting days or to cancel the posting.

If you are ready to post your job, click on the link below.

I've read the instructions and I'm ready to enter my job posting

If you have problems using this job request capability, contact Technical Support.

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