On-Site Education

The APICS Body of Knowlege provides Professionals with a common language and a common understanding. For companies seeking to provide their employees with uniform education that achieves the benefits of increased productivity and an improved competitive position in the global marketplace - Classes and workshops offered on-site to maximize your employee training benefits. APICS-Chicago can also provide intranet APICS learning or remote learning within your organization.

Benefits to Employers who encourage and support their employees professional development:

  • Enjoy a skilled workforce which is better prepared, more knowledgeable, more capable, more productive, and able to contribute to a successful bottom line
  • Validate the knowledge and skill set of their employees leading to productivity improvement in the workplace
  • Achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace through a highly trained, confident, and productive workforce.

Tailored APICS Education Classes and Workshops held at your place of business deliver -

  • When and where it’s most convenient for your staff.
  • Qualified Instructors in Adult Education with both academic & hands-on experience
  • Fit it into your organization’s schedule
  • No cost or lost travel time
  • Team building identifying opportunities and solving challenges
  • Tailored solutions for your specific challenges and opportunities
  • Standardized training throughout your organization... putting “a base in place”
  • Customize the length and content of any course
  • Designed specifically for your organization and customized to cover industry-specific knowledge
  • Prepare your associates for certification

What workshops/education classes would be of value to you or your organization?

Special pricing for APICS-Chicago corporate members. Education/Training Workshops available on Request - These include: Intro to ERP; Sales & Operations Planning; Inventory Mgt.; Cycle Counting; Fundamentals of Inventory Control; and others... We can often customize to meet your needs!

For more information, pricing, or to schedule a meeting, please email [email protected]