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Economic Update 16

April 15, 2021
9:05 AM - 9:25 AM

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Economic Update 16
Part of the APICS-Chicago's Economic Update Series

When: Thursday, April 15 9:05 am – 9:25 am
Where: Virtual - Online
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Please Join Us for this Economic Update webinar, part of the -
APICS-Chicago Economic Outlook Update Series

Rapidly evolving unprecedented events are causing abrupt shifts to the economic landscape. Markets have made new highs and shipment volumes have come back. However, as mortgage forbearance comes to an end and loans become due, bank balance sheets will change and foreclosures are likely to rise, all while unemployment numbers vacillate, but remain significantly high. Typically, pundits would be on every network connecting dots and providing cautionary warnings as part of their in depth analysis of these happenings, but the first half of 2021 looks a lot like it may be a continuation of 2020 - with most of the of news coverage devoted to political goings on combined with the news coverage of covid-19 related issues. 

People engaged in business activities need to be aware of changing economic factors. APICS-Chicago's Economic Update Series is designed to cut through the clutter to bring Supply Chain Professionals timely recaps of economic activitiy with a decided slant toward effects on the end-to-end Supply Chain. Twice a month, in 20 minute segments, Dr. Edward F. Stuart will provide his take on the activities that are changing the economy and affecting our economic future.  Appropriately, the Thursday, April 15th segment will look at the affect taxes have on the Economy, with particular attention to the affect on Supply Chain industry segments, and as always, we will review the current numbers.

You may recognize Dr. Edward F. Stuart, Professor Emeritus, Economics, Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), from the WTTW program, Chicago Tonight, where Dr. Stuart is often called on to provide expert background on economic issues. Dr. Stuart earned his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Oklahoma where his specialties were International Economics and Russian Studies. Dr. Stuart has participated in educational conferences in Russia, was a Guest Professor at the Urals State Pedagogical University in Katerinburg, Russia, was a Guest Professor in China in 2016, and has been a Guest Professor at Salzburg College in Salzburg, Austria. Last, year, Dr. Stuart completed his audio / video course, Capitalism vs. Socialism: Comparing Economic Systems, which has become available for download from The Great Courses.

Every other Thursday have your morning coffee break with APICS-Chicago - Join us for this Economic Update, which is part of the APICS Chicago Economic Update Series.